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We are enjoying huge expertise in providing Rodent Control Altona services within the commercial and residential premises of the individual. We are adept with the best skills and techniques and with the help of these rodents like mice, rats, and mice can be captured and removed from their surroundings.

We have professional experts to give the exact results that the client wants for executing pest control for rats. We provide valuable and affordable services to our clients. So if you are even disturbed by the nuisance of these rodents, then you can reach out to our rodent control experts today. 

The resistant nature of rodents asks for professional treatment

We understand that the rodents are moving creatures; however, once they find shelter on given premises, they don’t leave the same at the earliest. So they must be professionally captured and removed from their surroundings without killing them. We care about the safety of your home and family members. 

That is why we employ professional eco-friendly services that can capture rodents and conduct rat control and rat extermination processes without causing ill effects on the ecology, household, and even the rodents themselves despite their resistant nature. We provide the best and the most reliable services, which is why no one can beat us in giving exceptional results. So if you are willing to experience the same, you can get in touch with us today.

Why Rodents, rats, or mice removal important

Rodents, rats, and mice are the primary carriers of dangerous pests like fleas, mites, and ticks. These rodents may not be very dangerous, but they sometimes bite humans or even feed on food. 

This transmits pathogens to the human body and thereby causes serious health ailments. Moreover, rodents are very dangerous for people who have diabetes. They spread filth all around and compromise the hygiene of the surroundings. That is why undertaking an effective rodent treatment and mice catch program is important and considered the need of the hour.

We work for all types of rodents

We understand the different types and species of rodents have different ways of getting captured. Our experts have been in the position to gain primary experience in handling and controlling almost every kind of rodent. The basic types of rodents which we have successfully captured and removed so far have been given in the following way:

  • Norway Rats Control

Norway rats are considered to be tiny brown colour rats with large eyes and small tails. They love to feed on food, so we arrange for a rat bait and cage wherein lots of food like cheese is kept. But unfortunately, the Norway rat comes into the cage and gets trapped.

  • Brown Rat Control

Our professionals pest control mice and these brown rats with the help of deterrents installed in the sealing and water pipes. These deterrents try to obstruct the way of brown rats, usually found in these surroundings.

  • Black Rat Control

The fierce and dangerous black rats are very active rodents, and it is difficult to capture them in the first place. That is why our experts use sprays and non-poisonous chemicals to capture them. 

  • Roof Rat Control

To prevent the rats on the rooftop, we try to close all the holes and crackers with silicone caulk and even close down all the windows and vents. We undertake this activity to ensure that the roof rats can be stopped there and then. Commercial mice control is gaining a lot of publicity. Roof rat removal can be executed in this way. 

  • House Mouse Control

To control the movement of the house mouse, we try to install baits and cages, including some non-toxins, so that better control over them can be exercised over time. Rodent baiting is successful in this regard. 

Our treatment for rodent problems

To control the movement of rodents around the residential and commercial premises, we try to conduct the following mice extermination activities. Our activities are carried out using the expertise of professionals and with the help of eco-friendly products and techniques. The list of the same has been given as follows:

  • Area Inspection

We undertake a wholesome inspection of the premises wherein the rodent control service must be exercised. We ensure that all the areas, gardens, parts, nooks, and corners of the property, including hidden areas like sealing and rodent pipes. We discover every single crack. We note all the details wherein rodent infestation is prevailing.

  • Traps And Baits

To control the movement of rodents on the rooftops and within the premises, we install traps and baits to control the movement.  This process is useful for mice removal as well. 

  • Chemical Treatment

We also use chemicals that are eco-friendly and non-poisonous to capture the rodents and remove them from the premises. We follow a safe method to execute mouse pest control. 

  • Hideouts Treatment

We also undertake hideout treatment to implement rodent pest control and control the rat removal process effectively. This is an important tool that is relied on by our professionals to execute rodent extermination services.

  • Follow-Up Treatment

Once we have captured and removed rodents from the premises, we must understand and mention that the follow-up treatment must be followed. This follow-up treatment monitors the efficiency of the treatment so that any improvement can be incorporated. 

  • Dead Rodent Removal

We also undertake the arduous task of the dead rodent removal process so that the foul smell of the same does not spread. 

Rat exterminator service available in Altona

We are the best and the most reliable provider of rat control and exterminator services in Altona. We at Pest Control Altona try to ensure a 24-by-7 availability of certified professionals who are just a call away. Our clients can reach out to us by booking an appointment, and we would be in the position to customise our findings for them.

Contact our team for quick, affordable rodent control service in Altona

So if you are looking for some quick, affordable, and effective rodent control scheme, then in such a situation, you can reach out to us at 03 4050 7737 today and book an appointment. Our team of experts will reach out to you in the minimum amount of time and bestow you with services to the best of your satisfaction. 


Is rodent control safe?

Yes, rodent control is safe.

Do we kill rats?

No, only eco-friendly methods are used to control the movement of the mouse and remove the same.

Are we providing services on weekends?

Yes, we are providing the services on weekends as well. 

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