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Flea is a common infestation in Altona and if you have pets in your place then the probability of infestation increases. If anywhere you find a cat or dog scratching on its body then definitely it is flea infestation and you can approach our Flea Control Altona team of experts who specialise in flea control. We are the most preferred company for flea control in Altona. But how could you believe us, there must be some basis. So the following are some of the reasons for choosing our Total Care Flea Control Services:

  • Same Day Service

It is essential to remove fleas as soon as possible, so we are ready to provide same-day service to let you out of this troubling situation. 

  • Trained And Certified Experts

You have an extra benefit from our service. Every expert is literate and has trained in each field of pest control, and they are certified so that you can hire them without any doubt.

  • Family-Friendly Service

Due to the use of eco-friendly products, there is no harm to your pets and kids. So we have a family-friendly service. Get our Flea Treatment For House.

  • Highly Experienced Professionals

Professionals of our Flea Fumigation services have 20 years of experience and we are the oldest firm in Altona.

  • Comprehensive Prices

Our Flea Fumigation Cost is very reasonable. This comprehensive price makes us the most preferred one. You can request a free quote from us and can get a Cheap Flea Treatment For Cats.

How Fleas Can Be Recognised?

Fleas are attracted to animals and so to get rid of them it is very important to recognise them as early as possible. For their recognition, you can identify them on your pets while bathing your pets and it comes on the comb when you run a flea comb over your pet. You can also identify them when they stick on your socks while walking through your house and their eggs are easily found on carpets. 

  • Flea Bite Symptoms

They mostly bite pets and very rarely on humans and their symptoms in both are as follows:

  • When you see your dog or cat itching throughout their skin, it means it’s a flea bite.
  • There will be some signs of redness on the skin and patchy hairs of your pets which show a flea bite.
  • They bite around ankles and knees in humans which causes a little bit of swelling and redness.
  • Morphology of fleas

Fleas are very small in size ranging from 0.32 cm to 0.16 cm, black to dark brown and have 6 legs. They look like avocados and are scaly in appearance.

  • Facts Related to fleas
  • They can live for a longer time without food.
  • Female fleas lay up to 50 eggs.
  • Fleas have very high jumping skills.
  • Cat Flea 

These are reddish-brown and their principal host is a cat having 1-2 mm long and also attacks rats, dogs and other mammals. You can contact our professionals for Cat Flea Treatment.

  • Dog Flea

Same as cat flea and attack a wide variety of mammals mainly dogs. We are readily available for Dog Fleas Treatment.

  • Human Flea

They bite humans and are very infectious for humans and cause swelling.

What Occurs After Flea Infestation

When you get to know that your pets are attacked by fleas and now they have flea infestation then you should take the following steps for Flea Treatment:

  • You should bathe your pets properly using a gentle shampoo or a citrus-based dishwashing liquid, medicated bath is also very crucial.
  • After bathing, comb hair with a flea comb
  • Take help from your vet with medications and sprays.
  • Give them oral or topical medications as prescribed by your veterinarian.
  • Clean your pet’s bedding and floor properly.
  • Take your pet out for roaming freely after treatment.
  • Keep your pet indoors for about 30 days.
  • You can use mosquito repellent spray for protection against fleas.
  • Keep your home hygienic
  • Contact Flea Exterminators for help.

Flea Treatment Procedure Of Our Flea Pest Control Company 

Fleas are not useful for pets in any way and so they should be removed very quickly. The process of selecting the correct Flea control company is not an easy task and if you get our Flea Control Altona company then you will be very happy and satisfied as our procedure is different from others. It includes three steps:

  1. Thorough Inspection

After you notify our company that you have a flea infestation then our team will come to you for a survey or inspection. Our inspection officers will take the survey of the whole infested area and prepare a combined report and decide the further plan according to this.

  1. Habitat Modification/ Physical Control

We remove fleas by doing some changes in their habitat like treating their living places, treating all floors, rugs, carpets etc. We provide a vet-approved treatment for your pets. We can also remove them physically one by one in the case of small infestations.

  1. Chemical Treatment

Our company will conduct a chemical treatment for flea pest removal like pyrethroid such as permethrin, tetramethrin or deltamethrin and insect growth regulators are applied which prevents the growth of eggs of fleas and prevents their maturity.

Get Removal Of Fleas In Altona Today: Call Us Now

Our trained Flea Control Altona experts will start the preparation of the process as and when you call our executives. We have been locally operating in Altona. We are having professionals who are very experienced and ready to perform the process on the day of your call at your home/building. With surety, we provide you relief from fleas with our prompt services.


Is post-inspection service available? 

Yes, we have the availability of post-inspection services for checking the infestation of fleas again. It also helps us to check the effectiveness of the given service. 

Is your flea control treatment safe?

Yes, our treatment is environmentally friendly so they are safe for you and all. We apply pesticide and fumigation treatment safely. 

What are your service timings?

We are available 24*7 for bookings. Our service timings are 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM on six days. On Sunday, we operate from 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM. 

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